Hello everyone, this is me, Amrit, one among you. 

Everyone has an aim to achieve something that they like the most in their life. For me, it’s not that easy to become what I dreamt for the past years. It’s a big dream for me to become an accepted and appreciated blogger. Today, it became true. Yes, I have stepped here as a blogger.

Yes, I said, “I have stepped” and started Intent Blogger and Do Articles, Pendu Kuri and Ultimate SEO Source. Writing is not that simple. I inculcate myself for days, months, years and am still in a learning process. All these years, my writings are a true reflection of my mind. I just write what my mind goes through or comes across when it is. Generally, our mind goes through a lot of things and you know, the sky’s the limit for the thoughts. But I cannot reproduce each and everything. I scrutinize each one and bring them into a required form.

Another thing, I cannot put the raw thoughts into raw words. I choose magical words, say the right words at the right place, which is the key. I learnt the trick of how to attract people through my words. This helps me in a tremendous way to show me as a good blogger to the people and that gives me a place in your heart. Thank you for the support you gave me till now and expecting the same for the upcoming. I also thank and hope my new visitors that they have fed enough for their search.

I am honest and promise to my viewers that I will give you good genuine and true informative content like how I shared all my good thoughts in the past.

Thinking is something intellectual, bringing the same to words is an art and sharing them with responsibility is very much accepted and appreciated.