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We prioritise the privacy of our viewers and hence this document is put out there to apprise them about the types of information that is collected and recorded by our site and how one can use it.


Whenever any comment is left on our content by any user, our website collects the data of the commenter which includes the comment, the IP address of the user and the user of the browser agent string them to enable a smooth detection of spam.

An anonymised string gets created from the commenter’s/user’s email address which is also known as hash. This can be provided to the service name Gravatar in order to check who is using it.


This is to advice all who wish to upload any image to the website, images which are embedded with location data (EXIF GPS) must be avoided.


The users who are leaving a comment on any site have the option of saving their name, email address and website in the form of cookies for their own convenience, so that they do not have to repeatedly fill in the same details over and again every time they leave another comment.

Embedded Content from Other Websites

It is probable that some article on our website include embedded content (like- videos, images, articles, so on). Note that such embedded contents from other websites are prone to behave in the exact same way as if the user has visited the original website from where the content was imported.

Such websites can collect data from the user, use their cookies, embed further monitoring by third-party and keep track of the user’s interaction with said embedded content, if one has an account and is logged into that particular website.

Our Period of Data Retention

Whenever a comment is written on our website by any user, the content along with all the additional information are retained for an indefinite time. This is done in order to enable us to recognise and sanction any comment that might follow-up from the same user and it does not have to checked for moderation every time.

Your Rights Over Your Data

Users who have an account on our website or has commented on any of our posts, have the option of requesting us to receive an exported file containing all the personal information we have about them. Such file will contain any and every data that one may have provided to us. Users can also entreat us to remove such personal data which we hold on our database, but, this does not apply to such data which we are under the obligation to retain for the sake of legal, administrative or security purposes.

Where is Your Data Sent?

The comments posted by the visitors on our websites are usually filtered through an automated spam detection mechanism.