Important Facts About Domain Transfer That Users Should Be Aware Of

Domain Transfer

If you are new to website hosting, then domain transfer might not be an easy task for you. The domain name that you are using currently may stay operational, even after you have changed the host services.

In most cases, website owners may want to change the domain name for security reasons. Others may want to migrate from one host service to another for cost reasons. People often avoid changing domain names because they are unaware of the process.

When it comes to domain name transfer, there are a few important facts that you should keep in mind. You can read about these pointers in the content below.

Domain Servers May Remain The Same

You are already using one server location for hosting your website. When performing domain transfer, the domain server does not change as it remains unaffected. So, if you are using the DNS server of one host service provider, then you can switch to the DNS server for another host service.

The server locations are not switched off until the transfer process has been completed. This is to ensure that all your DNS server records are well maintained. During the transfer, you may not lose your important server records.

Change After a Specific Period

In general, there are a few time restrictions that you should be aware of when it comes to domain name transfer. If you have been using one host service for a minimum of sixty days, you will be able to register with another domain name server.

In case you want to transfer the domain name then it is important that you should have used the same domain name for over sixty days. If you have not used the same domain name for over sixty days then you may not be able to transfer to a new domain name.

Locking The New Domain Name

Do not take any chances of transferring the domain name in case you have not locked the new domain name. Before you can get started with the transfer process, it is important to get the new name locked. This will guarantee that you do not lose any record that you might have saved on the server.

You can consult your domain name host services to get the domain name locked for your website.

Remove Whois Privacy Settings

Transferring domain names is not possible with some of the host services unless you have disabled the whois privacy settings. The settings have to be disabled even before you can get started with the domain name transfer process.

This is the name that is associated with the administrative email setting. In case you are using two different authorized email accounts, then you have to provide the details of both accounts. This is important as the authorization emails will be forwarded to both the email id accounts.

Before the transfer is performed, authorization has to be verified. The email will provide details related to the transfer request made by you.

It is also important to provide details related to the authorization code. The details have to be provided to the new domain service host providers. It is important that the code has to be approved by the old service provider.

The old host may have the right to turn down the domain name transfer request due to many different reasons. If your website is at fault then the request can be turned down.