Besan Ke Laddu Ki Recipe

Besan Ke Laddu
Besan Ke Laddu

Besan laddu is one of the most commonly preferred sweets country-wide. During festive times and occasionally, people enjoy the sweet flavor of Besan laddu. The Besan Ke Laddu ki recipe is simple for anyone to learn.

If it’s the festive season, then everyone wants to enjoy Besan Laddu. There certainly is no fixed time when you can enjoy this sweet. You can purchase besan laddu from any sweet mart or you can also prepare your Besan Ke Laddu ki recipe at home.

Besan Ke Laddu

The Laddu has always been considered a favorite treat for anyone. You can have your customized recipe as well as per your delicacy. You need to prepare Laddu that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Besan Laddu Recipe- Ingredients

Besan laddu is prepared across the country. Each household may also have a different recipe for preparing Besan Laddu. When searching, you come across different recipes as well. You can be as creative as possible to make the Laddus more tasty.

Some people prefer adding a lot of dry fruits as well to make the Laddus healthy. You can read about the traditional recipe here which only uses a few selected ingredients. You can take a fixed quantity of Mildmaid cream, and pure cow ghee.

Dry Fruits

It is also best to take a fixed portion of quality Besan. Always ensure you only go with good quality Besan or else the Laddus may not be tasty. A few dry fruits like cashew nuts and almonds can also be added to the Besan Laddu. You should ensure that you take chopped dry fruits.

Traditional Besan Laddu Making Tips

You are at the right place if you are looking around for Besan Ke Laddu ki recipe. You can also follow your recipe when making the laddu. It is important to use heavy metal kadai to roast the Besan and dry fruits. Besan should always be roasted in pure ghee. This also improves the flavor of the Laddu.

You can also roast the Besan in a non-stick kadai. Besan may take around 12 to 15 minutes to roast completely. If the Besan is not well cooked, then you may not enjoy the taste of the Laddu. It is important to roast the Besan till it is golden brown.

Besan Ke Laddu

When roasting the Bean you can also add dry fruits to the mix. You have to ensure that the dry fruits have been chopped finely before adding them to the Besan mix. You also need to add sugar as per your taste. Milkmaid can also be added to the mix in the Kadai.

Preparing Laddus

Before you can start preparing the Laddu it is important to allow the mix to cool down. You should ensure at least 15 minutes are allotted for the mix to cool down naturally. If you have any magical portions then you can add to the mix at this time.

Besan Ke Laddu

You have to form the Laddu shape by placing the mix in your palm. It is advisable not to use any mould to shape the Laddu. The gentle roll action is the best as it will mix all ingredients well. You can allow the Laddus to cool down and harden naturally so they don’t break.

Tips to keep in mind

Making Besan Laddu is not a time-consuming task. If you follow the traditional method you get to taste the best delicacy at your home. There are a few points that you follow so the Laddu is tastier. You should always ensure that you roast the Besan mildly. You should also keep stirring the mix gently till you are roasting.

Allow the ghee and nuts to mix with the Besan before you start preparing the Laddu. You can also search for Besan Ke Laddu ki recipe YouTube videos online. You will come across many tutorial videos online. It is also best to select a heavy bottom pan or Kadai when roasting the Besan mix.

Besan Ke Laddu
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When selecting the Besan, you need to focus on the texture. Fine Besan is always best for making Laddus. It is also important to store the Laddu in an airtight container. This helps in preventing spoilage before time.

If you follow the best Besan Ke Laddu ki recipe then you should be able to enjoy the delicacy taste for days. In general, the Laddu may stay fresh doe 8 to 9 days. You should never store the Laddu in the refrigerator. Follow all guidelines mentioned here to roast good Besan laddus.


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